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Getting lunch at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica

Lately I’ve been feeling a need to share my experiences of the world with you again. So here goes… currently I’m unemployed and loving it.  I don’t remember the last time I actually had the time to sit back and breathe.  So I’m taking the opportunity to discover myself (for what seems like the first time) I’m searching deep within myself to find my passions, what moves me to my core. I’m excited to be able to document my journey with you and hope that you’ll follow me along this path to what i hope will be to a pot of gold (true acceptance and contentedness of my soul) 🙂

It’s sukkot time everybody

For those of you that celebrate the jewish holiday of sukkot, you know what a pain it can be to decorate, build and sit outside in a hut/ sukkah.  But I love the feeling of being one with nature and family – this is a month of reflection as it comes on the heals of Yom kippur but Sukkot is more a time for opening up and letting in the love. So heres to family and letting in the love 🙂

Having lunch with the copy machine


Great LA Times article on the Sherman-Berman Race


A place for me to rant and rave

I’ve been a guest blogger numerous times but after a recent trip to a fabulous restaurant in Van Nuys, I decided to start my own blog 🙂 Stay tuned for some fabulous tips on everything!